Stools Need Three Legs to Work – So Does Talent Acquisition!

I’ve been involved in full life cycle recruiting for 20+ years. Occasionally we have a bad placement, resulting in a replacement. Other times, potential superstar hires don’t attain desired expectations.

What happened?

99% of staffing utilizes two legs of the stool. We thoroughly vet the person ensuring they can do the job. We next vet if their DNA matches the culture. NOT VETTED? SHOULD they be doing the job! Below is an example of a perfect candidate who fails or underperforms.

Meet Tom!

Tom is a 10yr accountant with a CPA and Masters in Accountancy. He is qualified and a DNA fit, but quits within a year. Why?

Using Kolbe™, we find Tom’s strengths align with everything but RISK (9). Tom loves risk and is always trying to convince clients to create offshore accounts to save money. YIKES! Most decline, frustrating Tom. This makes his job a grind, draining his energy. Tom blames the company and leaves.

The problem – while Tom is qualified, he’s doing the wrong job – even though all assessments confirm he is perfect.

Most of us have met Tom! Yet, few Talent Acquisition companies can determine if a person SHOULD be doing the job! Xyon Global has certified Kolbe™ Consultants, allowing us to assess not only if the person CAN do the job but if they SHOULD do the job!

Utilizing Kolbe’s scientific assessments are industry-leading companies such as NASA, Verizon, Intel, HERSHEY, American Red Cross, and countless others. All are focused on identifying the best talent, while internally aligning teams within their natural strengths.

Companies know Human Capital is their greatest cost AND greatest profit generator. By ensuring only the BEST talent is invited inside AND also aligning existing employees to their natural strengths – profit and synergy follow. Let Xyon Global put the THIRD LEG on that stool and draw the best out of your teams! 😀

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