Capitalize on the same proven conative science trusted by companies globally.

Transforming Human Capital.

Transforming Human Capital.

Talent development through means of conative science is trusted by industry leaders around the planet:

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Conative Science to optimize team performance, align strengths with jobs and hire effective talent.

Businesses succeed on the actions they take. By utilizing decades of ‘human performance’ based scientific research, we’ll custom tailor ‘actions based’ teams designed to over perform desired goals.

More than recruiting.

Our mission is to help companies grow by identifying your current and future employee’s action based strengths. Utilizing this knowledge, we’ll tailor hiring practices – defining the perfect fit. Internally, we’ll demystify communication between and within teams, fostering unified action. This approach optimizes team performance within a ‘people centric’ culture that lasts.

“ The guessing game is over for people who use this approach. Studies show a correlation of over 90% between predicted and actual team success. Such predictive validity is dramatically higher with Kolbe™ than with any other technique or test. “

Ryan Thomas, Ph.D.

Working with a KOLBE™ Certified Consultant absolutely transformed the way the staff worked together… it works to make us a better team, and it enables us to work better together.

Liz Wilson (5-4-7-5), Special Services Director, The Salvation Army

KOLBE™ is your biggest unfair advantage in communication. When our team won – and it’s amazing – it’s usually because we used our MO’s to our advantage.

Kelly Lujan (9-7-2-2), Director of Marketing & Product Development, Elevation 180
  • Optimize team performance.

  • Align strengths with jobs.

  • Hire effective talent and build a culture that lasts.


Meet Tom

5 – 5 – 9 – 2

Tom is expert at his job – but is he doing the right job?

Tom is a 10yr accountant with a CPA and Master’s in Accountancy. He is qualified and a DNA fit, but quits within a year. Why?

Using Kolbe™, we find Tom’s strengths align with everything but RISK (9). Tom loves risk and is always trying to convince clients to create offshore accounts to save money. YIKES! Most decline, frustrating Tom. This makes his job a grind, draining his energy. Tom blames the company and leaves.

The problem – while Tom is qualified, he’s doing the wrong job – even though all assessments confirm he is perfect. Xyon Global can help!

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Book an Intro Call

  • 20+ year track record of success

  • Backed by Kolbe™ conative science

  • Intro Rates, starting at 15%

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