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Founded in 1999, our ‘people centric’ focus started within the technology sector quickly moving to Sales, HR, IT, Finance, Operations, etc. We staff at all levels, including executive positions. Our sweet spot is fast growing entrepreneurial companies requiring pivotal C-Level and fast ramp employees.

  • KOLBE™ Certified Consultants

  • 200+ clients globally across industries

  • Founded in 1999


More than a recruiting agency.

Our mission is to help companies grow by identifying your current and future employee’s action based strengths. Utilizing this knowledge, we’ll tailor hiring practices – defining the perfect fit. Internally, we’ll demystify communication between and within teams, fostering unified action. This approach optimizes team performance within a ‘people centric’ culture that lasts.

KOLBE™ is your biggest unfair advantage in communication. When our team won – and it’s amazing – it’s usually because we used our MO’s to our advantage.

Kelly Lujan (9-7-2-2), Director of Marketing & Product Development, Elevation 180

Working with a KOLBE™ Certified Consultant absolutely transformed the way the staff worked together… it works to make us a better team, and it enables us to work better together.

Liz Wilson (5-4-7-5), Special Services Director, The Salvation Army

“ The guessing game is over for people who use this approach. Studies show a correlation of over 90% between predicted and actual team success. Such predictive validity is dramatically higher with Kolbe™ than with any other technique or test. “

Ryan Thomas, Ph.D.

Your First Hire Includes Kolbe™, on the house.

Seeing is believing. And we’re confident you’ll never look back.


Our clients capitalize on the same proven conative science trusted by companies globally.

Talent development through means of conative science is trusted around the planet by companies like these:


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Kevin Loomis

Certified Kolbe™ Consultant
9 – 6 – 3 – 2

Curtis Key

Curtis Key

Director of Recruiting
5 – 6 – 6 – 3


Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

Actionable insights. Scalable solutions. Partner with Xyon to thrive into the future.

  • Professional Recruiting. Professional, technical, and executive recruiting services.

  • Talent Assessment & Development. Experience the impact of conative science on you and your team.

  • Business Consulting. 360 consulting services to meet a company’s end-to-end needs.

  • Technical Temp Staffing. Build your technical team based on your current business needs.

Real-life results

We generate results for our customers

” We’ve been using Kevin to handle all of our inside-sales recruitment needs for some time now. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He’s always been extremely professional, responsive and diligent. He’s made it a point to truly get to understand our business, needs and culture – so that he can help us source the best possible talent to meet our needs. He’s become a valued and trusted ambassador for our company… “

David L

David Leibowitz, CEO of Mulligan Funding

” I partnered with Kevin for the last two years as he assisted in growing our sales team throughout SoCal. Kevin is one of the hardest working and positive people you’ll meet, but his high character and loyalty is why you’ll enjoy working with him the most! “

David V

David Vorce
Enterprise Acct Mgr, Varonis

” Kevin has been a great resource to our business over the years. His ability to understand what makes us different and stand out in our industry has made all the difference! “

Jim M

Jim Matteo
Founder, Bird Rock Systems

” Kevin has provided our company with 4 quality hires in key positions within our organization.He brings tremendous value in understanding the position and personality we’re looking to hire and does not waste my time with unqualified candidates. “

Trevor S

Trevor Stolebarger
Owner, First Kiss Productions

” Kevin helped us recruiter for a start up facility in San Diego. Not being familiar with the area we relied on Kevin’s expertise. He was always able to surface great candidates on very short timelines. Kevin was incredibly dedicated and always had a “can do” attitude. “

Teri E

Teri Edom, SPHR
Founder, Highland HR

” Kevin has provided me with great insight relative to my company launch, online profile and general networking. Regardless of your industry Kevins experience is universal. Thank you so much for the guidance! “

Richard SJ

Richard St. Jean
COO, Morongo Casino Resort

” I have a tremendous amount of respect for Kevin as a recruiter and as a person. He has always been an extremely hard worker and has impressed me with his competitive spirit to be the best. I’ve gotten to know Kevin well over the past few years and I can say this, he will always act in a completely ethical and honest manner. “

Eric L

Eric Lane, MBA
Market Leader, YOH

People Centric.
Action Based.

Hire with confidence

Hire with confidence

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