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Like the #tech industry, the #talent is fast-paced.

The tech industry is known for its fast-paced nature, constantly evolving technologies, and shortage of qualified candidates. These complexities make hiring in the tech industry incredibly challenging for companies, particularly when it comes to finding and recruiting top talent for executive or technical roles.

According to a recent report by LinkedIn, software engineering roles are among the top ten hardest roles to fill globally. In addition, the report found that the demand for software engineers has grown by 25% over the past year, while the supply of candidates has only increased by 5%. This shortage of qualified candidates is a major challenge for companies looking to hire for technical roles in the tech industry.

LinkedIn Report, Software Engineering Roles (Jan – Dec 2021)

Increase in Demand 25%
Increase in Supply of Candidates 5%

Moreover, a survey by Indeed found that 86% of hiring managers and recruiters in the tech industry struggle to find and hire qualified candidates. The survey also found that 83% of hiring managers and recruiters consider the current labor market for technical talent to be extremely competitive. This high level of competition further complicates the hiring process and increases the importance of finding and recruiting the right candidates.

The role of recruiters in the tech industry is becoming increasingly important. According to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, 84% of companies believe that working with a recruiter gives them a competitive advantage in hiring top talent. This is because recruiters specialize in identifying and recruiting qualified candidates for executive and technical roles, using their expertise and knowledge of the industry to help companies find the right candidates for their needs.

A report by the Society for Human Resource Management found that working with recruiters can be an effective way for companies to improve their hiring outcomes. According to the report, companies that use recruiters to hire technical talent have higher retention rates, shorter time-to-fill, and higher satisfaction levels with new hires compared to companies that do not use recruiters.

The complexities of hiring in the tech industry are well-documented, and the shortage of qualified candidates only exacerbates the challenge. However, by leveraging the expertise and resources of recruiters, companies can increase their chances of finding and recruiting top talent for executive and technical roles in the tech industry. Data-driven statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of working with recruiters, highlighting the competitive advantage they offer in finding and hiring the right candidates.

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