“Becoming Your Brother’s Brother”

Join us in Boise for a life-changing conference designed to bring men together in a powerful way. This event is focused on forming meaningful relationships with other Christian men, with the theme Becoming Your Brother’s Brother.

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  • 4/21 – 4/22  |  Boise, ID

Revolution 22 Church – 2675 West Main Street, Boise, ID, 83702


This conference is designed for Christian men who want to connect with other like-minded individuals and form lasting relationships. You will leave with camaraderie and support that will impact your life and your family.

BoB 1000

Session 1: Being a Brother

We will explore what it means to be brothers in Christ. Discover why we have a God-given yearning to be part of a “Band of Brothers.” Learn to value the importance of brotherhood and understand how to form meaningful relationships with other men. Life can be a battlefield, let’s not do it alone.

Session 2: Brothers in a Broken World

Our culture labels men in ways that vastly differs from the Bible’s view of masculinity. Men who have been wounded in battle may feel like they have no where to turn. We will learn how to give and receive help going through life’s greatest challenges. A true brother can be counted on when he’s most needed.

Session 3: Faith on the Frontline

How do we keep our faith strong as we walk with Jesus in today’s society? This session will build your faith so that you can resist temptation and walk with your brothers in truth and integrity. Learn to keep your eyes on Jesus in the midst of life’s battles.

Session 4: Brothers in Battle

We are created by God to be warriors and Jesus has given us the greatest assignment know to man. In this session we will gain a deeper appreciation for the great commission and the spiritual warfare required to accomplish it. Our hearts come alive when we engage in this battle with other men. Let’s get equipped to be brothers in battle.